Why should I choose Holiders?

When you use Holiders, you have the guarantee that you’re interacting with a local travel consultant who we’ve selected just for you, based on our superior sourcing criteria. Not only are our local consultants the best in their area, but they also speak English for your convenience.

You get to create the perfect trip to suit your needs, from your itinerary and accommodation to the activities you wish to do in your destination. It is your local travel consultant’s job to plan an ideal tour for your enjoyment. On our app, you’ll get a direct quote from the consultant, without any intermediate fees, so get ready to save as you go.

You can trust us as your third-party provider, where we ensure a safe trip, from payments to setting off on your journey.

Since 2019, Holiders has been operating in Italy, where we’ve seen more than 1,000 travelers enjoy a trip of a lifetime, with a satisfaction rate of 98%.

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