Why is Holiders not on TripAdvisor?

Are you wondering why Holiders doesn’t appear as a travel provider on TripAdvisor. It has to do with their rules for listing your business on their website. Holiders partners with local travel consultants who are generally affiliated with traditional tour operators as service providers.

Holiders links you with these local travel consultants to create adventures just for you, getting rid of the middleman and the associated fee, while ensuring a safe and satisfactory trip.

While TripAdvisor considers Holiders a ‘peer-to-peer’ business, we do not sell tours on behalf of others, and so we cannot establish an account on TripAdvisor.

We know that reviews are essential when it comes to travel, so we upload all unedited post-travel feedback from our travelers when they choose to publish this onto our website. This feedback includes the likes of everything from the trip experience to their interaction with Holiders and our local consultants. This means you’re able to make travel decisions with all the information at your fingertips.

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