What are Holiders' guarantees?

Holiders is about connecting travelers with local consultants in the areas they wish to explore. The result is unique experiences crafted especially for you, where we guarantee your safety as you set off on each new adventure. We’ve helped over 1,000 travelers just like you bring their travel fantasies to life through our travel app.

We guarantee you the following to set your mind at ease: 

Secure online payment: Our Holiders’ secure payment platform ensures the safety of every single payment, so you can be sure all your transactions for your trip are 100% protected.

Travel replacement or reimbursement:  We’re serious about making sure you have the best trip possible, which is why we take choosing our local travel consultants so seriously. After all, we’re all about offering you a unique trip of a lifetime.

Superior local consultants: Selecting our local Holiders’ consultants is a task for an entire team, where we pick only the best. Your consultant is sure to speak English for your convenience, as this expert custom-makes a tour just for you.

Honest traveler feedback: After your trip, we’ll send you a feedback form, where you can provide honest feedback on the experience, if you so wish. Here, you can give comments on the trip and your experience with Holiders and your local consultant, to guide others who are looking to interact on our website. We’ll publish your unedited review, so that other travelers can have all the information to make informed decisions.

A committed Customer Care Team: We guarantee you a local consultant who will meet all your travel needs 24:7 in your destination of choice. We also have a committed Holiders’ Customer Care Team who is there for you every step of your journey. For more information, contact us here.

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