How do I create a trip request?

Select a destination on the app and click on ‘Ask for advice’. Complete the trip request form and submit it.

Once submitted, this information will go to our local consultants, who will reply within 48 hours via our app. If there is a substantial time difference or the request was sent over a weekend, please be patient, as a response may take up to 72 hours.

Of course, your request for a quote is without charge and there is no obligation to book.

  • Enter the place of departure and the destination
  • Select with whom you are traveling from the choices available
  • If you already know your travel dates, enter these; alternatively, you can indicate a likely travel period
  • Choose the duration of your trip
  • Enter the number of adults and children who will participate in the trip
  • Select the date by which you wish to receive travel proposals from the appropriate Holiders
  • Choose your means of transport and whether you require a return trip
  • Select the type of experiences you wish to explore during your trip
  • On the pages which follow, you can enter more travel details and accommodation preferences
  • Indicate an approximate budget for your trip
  • Check your information and experiences
  • Click “Complete”

To view your travel request, click on “Go to the trip”.

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