How do I book my accommodation?

Holiders is in partnership with This means that our local travel consultants can offer you the very best in accommodation, as presented by

If you wish to book any accommodation options, do so via our app, where you can also make any changes and cancellations. Naturally, your local consultant will keep a close watch for any changes to your accommodation, to make sure you enjoy every aspect of your trip.

What are the benefits for you?

1. Information regarding your selected accommodation is sent  to your consultant

Once you book any accommodation on our app, your local consultant is notified of the details, and is hence able to arrange any transfers. Should a cancellation to your accommodation occur, the team will notify the traveler, suggesting a solution, and will also notify the local agency.

2. Excellent after-sales service has a Customer Care Service especially for Holiders travelers. Please get in touch with them via email or by way of their contact form.

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